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2021 HARO 20" Sports Lineage Production

2021 HARO 20" Sports Lineage Production

SKU: 364115376135191

Model: LINEAGE AIR MASTER BASHGUARD 2021 - 20" - 20.5TT Neon Red

Color: Red

    Lineage was created to take a DNA strand or two from our past and thread it into state of the art contemporary designs of the present. In short, Lineage is a descendant of a particular ancestor, and if you were drawing a family tree for Haro it would all point back to the Freestyler. All of us have lineage, and for a BMX company that has nearly 40 years behind us we’ve got a ton. Those few strands of DNA from yesterday however are where it all stops. The sport has progressed and todays BMX riders are demanding so the equipment has to meet those demands. All Lineage bikes are made using state of the art materials, modern geometries, and construction methods that are designed to create a bike that can outlive the abuse you choose to dish out.

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